Lemurian Times

Lemurian Times


One quarter century ago, an academic research unit at Warwick university was retroactively possessed. Through a ritual performed in syzygy with the collective known as 0rphanDrift, the CCRU was transformed into a host for the “Continentity,” reorienting all its prior work toward the emergence of a neolemurian (oc)culture. The host has long since perished, but Neolemuria survives and has kept in contact, stuttering into the world through its abstract portal, through the numogram. Lemurian Times is a numogrammatic and neolemurian community, like others— such as Deadlines— before it, dedicated to that contact.

Lemuria is a continent which has never, does not, and will never exist; Neolemuria is the body which Lemuria constructs in time. The two stand together as the two abysmal roads: both null, each identical in its trajectory, one arguably not existing at all, one connecting everything. Neolemurian cultures are thus an ethical experiment in the Spinozist sense, concerned with the better construction of bodies and affects. Our tendency in this is multiplitious and flat, not requiring unity of belief or hierarchical organization, and oriented toward the future and what emerges from virtuality. We have no secrets to protect from outsiders and are unafraid of infiltration, for a lemur is always something which infiltrates. Our aim is the production of neolemurian culture: by writing, by art and music, by ritual events and summonings. As is the essence of Neolemuria, this production always coincides with numogrammatic elaboration.

Lemurian Times welcomes the participation of anyone who desires to participate. Prior comprehension of the numogram (if such a thing can be imagined) is not required; creating a zone for numogrammatic intuition to spread is a core part of our project. All avenues of contact are either listed on this page or will be listed when they are ready.


Lemurian Times is a plateau, distinguished from some of its neighbours by sharp escarpments and from others by slow gradations. Like the numogram, there is no clear distinction between where we are and how one passes through us. The sites linked below are those which Lemurian Times bleeds into, or which bleed into it, at various levels of intimacy. At Degree Zero is Lemurian Times itself, in its expanding number of addresses. At Degree One are addresses of its direct participants, zones of spillover and mutual influence. At Degree Two are neighbouring regions, other plateaus of a similar kind, while Degree Three contains what we see as our kin but which are separated by time. Degree Four is too broad for any conscious apprehension. Each of these lists is under constant production. If you would like to be included, don't hesitate to ask.

Degree Zero

Degree One

Degree Two

Degree Three